Ghana Mission Geneva
Emergency Travel Certificate
  • 1. A Travel Certificate is usually issued to a Ghanaian national who is not in possession of a Passport but must travel to Ghana at short notice or in an emergency.
  • 2. The document is valid for one month and for a single journey to Ghana only. It automatically expires on arrival at a point of entry in Ghana and cannot be used for a return journey to Switzerland.
  • 3. The Consular Section receives applications for Travel Certificates during its normal working hours.
  • 4. All applicants are required to produce proof of Ghanaian Nationality such as photocopy of passport, original Birth Certificate or Baptismal Certificate, etc.
  • 5. Applicants are required to appear personally at the Permanent Mission for an interview.
  • 6. Applicants must submit a completed Travel Certificate Application Form, two (2) recent passport photographs, and evidence of impending travel.
  • 7. A processing fee of CHF100 is charged for this service.